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‘Thank You Both’ or ‘Thanks to Both of You’: Which is Correct?

Shaun Connell
March 28, 2024

If you are curious about whether 'thank you both' or 'thanks to both of you' is correct, this guide should help.

Here is the short answer in case you are in a hurry: 

  • 'Thank you both' and 'thanks to both of you' are both correct. 
  • 'Thank you both' might be better if you are talking exclusively to the two people you are thanking. 
  • 'Thanks to both of you' might be more appropriate if you are thanking two people in front of an audience. 

There are many other ways to learn more about these phrases. Keep reading!

Which is Correct, 'Thank You Both' or 'Thanks to Both of You?'

The truth is, you can use 'thank you both' or 'thanks to you both.' Both are grammatically correct statements.

However, there may be situations when one is more appropriate than the other.

  • For example, if you are writing a speech directed to two individuals that you are thanking, you may want to use 'thank you both.'
  • If you are writing a speech to be given in front of a group, thanking two people, you may want to use 'thanks to both of you' because it helps to highlight that you are showing appreciation for the individual contributions of the two people you are thanking.

Definition of 'Thank You Both': What Does 'Thank You Both' Mean?

To gain a better understanding of the meaning of these phrases, we are going to look at the definitions of the terms that create them.

Definition of 'Thank You'

In the Collins Dictionary, 'thank you' is an exclamation defined as:

  • A popular expression of appreciation in use today

'Thank-you' can also be a noun that means:

  • An expression of gratitude

'Thank-you' can also be an adjective that means:

Something that is given or serves as an expression of gratitude

Definition of 'Both'

'Both' is a pronoun defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as:

  • One, as well as the other
  • A function word used to indicate the inclusion of coordinated words, clauses, or phrases

Definition of 'Thanks to Both of You': What Does 'Thanks to Both of You' Mean?

We looked at the definition of thank you and bothSo, now, we will look at the definition of thanks

Definition of 'Thanks'

In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 'thanks' is defined as a plural noun that means:

  • Gratitude
  • Kind or grateful thoughts
  • An expression of gratitude
  • Sometimes used as an utterance containing no verb that acts as an informal courteous expression of gratitude.

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce 'Thank You Both' and 'Thanks to Both of You'

Pronunciation is sometimes overlooked, but it is a vital part of mastering English. However, it is even more important when you are learning how to use phrases like 'thank you both' or 'thanks to both of you' because they are often said during a speech or presentation in front of a group.

So, here is a pronunciation guide you can reference.

  • Use this phonetic spelling to pronounce 'thank you both':

thank yü bōth

  • Use this phonetic spelling to pronounce 'thanks to both of you':

than(k)s tü bōth uv yü

Writing Tips: Using 'Thank You Both' or 'Thanks to Both of You'

The truth is, these phrases are very similar, and you can use them interchangeably. However, there may be times when one is more appropriate than the other.

So, here are some tips to help you decide which to use.

  • Use 'thank you both' when you are speaking directly to the two people you are thanking.

For example, you could say:

I am glad that the three of us could meet today. Thank you both for being here.

  • Use 'thanks to both of you' when you are offering thanks in front of a group of people.

As an example, I might say:

Welcome! Today, I am very excited to acknowledge the accomplishments of Mike and Michelle, our top two sales reps. Thanks to both of you for all of your hard work and dedication. 

Sample Sentences Using 'Thank You Both' and 'Thanks to Both of You'

Next, read through these sample sentences using these two phrases. These examples should help you learn and remember how to use these terms in a variety of contexts.

Thank You Both

  • I want to thank you both for the incredible progress you've made.
  • I didn't have a chance to thank you both the other day, but I am incredibly appreciative.
  • Did she thank you both for everything you did to make her 21st birthday special?
  • If your friend and her husband come to your party, be sure to say, 'Thank you both.'

Thanks to Both of You

  • Thanks to both of you for coming to work each day with a positive attitude.
  • After giving thanks to both of you, Jerry left the party to spend time with his family.
  • Last week, the prompt we received from our writing teacher was, 'Thanks to both of you.' So, I wrote a letter to my parents thanking them for their support while I was writing my best-seller.
  • After our journeys through Africa and Asia, I sent an enormous bouquet to our hosts with a card that said, 'Deepest thanks to both of you for the opportunity to travel with you last summer. It is an experience I will never forget.'

Last Look at the Difference Between

Finally, let's take a last look at the difference between 'thank you both' or 'thanks to both of you':

  • 'Thank you both' and 'Thanks to both of you' are two ways of saying the same thing. 
  • You can use these terms interchangeably, but the latter might be more appropriate if you are recognizing two people in front of a group of others. 

When it comes to phrases like these, it can be challenging to decide which to use. However, if you need help, you can always return to this page for a quick review.

You can also learn about dozens of other commonly misused, mispronounced, and misspelled terms in the other grammar and writing guides here. If you are starting your career as a freelance writer or trying to elevate your writing career, there are plenty of posts to help you do that, too.

So, read a few more before you go, and come back often to stay up-to-date on industry changes.

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Shaun Connell
Shaun Connell has spent his entire career either working as a freelance writer or hiring freelance writers for his many successful publications. Shaun has learned the exact tricks of the trade to hire the perfect writer for almost any niche.

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