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When we created FreelanceWritingJobs, our goal was to create a job board that could provide anything and everything you might need to hire a freelance writer. We quickly realized that one of the best things we could do is provide in-depth resources for both writers and businesses, so we've been spending a lot of time putting together those resources.

You can check the blog to see the latest content, but some of the most valuable or most important resources get a special place right here.

If you have questions or suggestions for a topic we should cover, by all means, let us know. We're always on the hunt for questions to answer and problems to solve.

  • A List of Free Freelance Writing Courses to Improve Writing - This resource is a great place to start for writers looking to improve their writing or businesses who are willing to invest in professional courses to improve or train their existing team.
  • FAQ: Should You Pay Freelance Writers Per Hour or Per Word? – One of the biggest questions we see from business owners is how they should pay their writers. Most outsourcing is per hour, but writers operate differently, and the reason stems from freelance journalism in newspapers and magazines throughout history. Learn more about it, the different pricing models, and the pros and cons of each in this resource post.
  • Copywriter vs. Content Writer vs. Blogger: What is the Difference? – Writers of all kinds specialize in different kinds of writing, and it goes far beyond fiction versus non-fiction. Even on the web and even just within marketing, there are different specialties and different proclivities you have to consider when you're hiring a writer. What kind of specialist is best for you? Who should you hire? Read this post to find out.
  • What is an SEO Content Writer and How Much Do They Cost? – SEO is huge, and if you're running an online business, you need to either know all about it or hire someone who does. SEO content writers are incredibly talented content producers and can be a huge boon to your business, but you need to know what they are, how to find them, and how much they cost if you want to hire one successfully.
  • Can Freelance Writers Help Me with My Product Descriptions? – What is writing, and what isn't? Where is the line drawn? The tricky part is that the answers to these questions vary from writer to writer. Some may be more than happy to help you with product descriptions, while others don't want anything to do with it. Learn more in this resource post.
  • What is a Content Writing Generalist? (And How to Hire One) – Generalist versus specialist is a consideration in every role, but it can be hugely impactful when hiring a freelance writer. This guide helps you understand the pros and cons of hiring a generalist versus a specialist, so you can best decide who you want to pick up from our job board.
  • Contract or Freelance Writer: What's the Difference? – Should you hire a writer as a contract worker or work with them on a freelance basis? You need to answer this question, but do you even know the difference between the two in the context of writing? It's possible that you don't, so we wrote this guide to help you figure out what you need, and how to get it.

If you have a question or need clarification on a subject or term, let us know! We'd love to either answer you directly, point you in the direction of a post we already wrote, or take the opportunity to write something new. After all, if you have a question, you're probably not alone, and we're here to help.