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‘Trainor’ or ‘Trainer’: How to Spell It Correctly

Shaun Connell
August 30, 2023

Are you wondering whether the correct spelling is 'trainor' or 'trainer?'

Here is a quick answer: 

  • 'Trainor' is a common misspelling of trainer.
  • 'Trainer' is a noun for a person who trains people or instructs them in the proper way to workout, exercise, or train their bodies. 

 Learn why people often misspell 'trainer' in this post. So, keep reading!

Which Spelling is Correct: 'Trainor' or 'Trainer'

If you are confused about which is the correct spelling between 'trainor' or 'trainer,' you are not alone. Many people mistakenly spell it 'trainor.' However, the correct spelling is always 'trainer.'

Some people may confuse the spelling because of the way that it sounds. Often, when words have pronunciations that differ from their spellings, people misspell them.

So, one of the best ways to remember the correct spelling is to read and write the correct spelling several times. It is also good to acknowledge the difference in the pronunciation and spelling of the word.

Definition of 'Trainer': What Does 'Trainer' Mean?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 'trainer' is a noun that means:

  • Someone who trains someone or something

It can also mean:

  • Someone whose occupation is to instruct people in exercise and fitness routines
  • Someone who trains animals either to perform tricks or to listen to commands
  • A person who works on an athletic team treating professional athlete's minor injuries
  • A machine that people use to train themselves physically, like an elliptical machine or stair stepper
  • In Britain, a pair of sneakers

Synonyms and Similar Terms to 'Trainer'

  • Coach
  • Counselor
  • Counsellor
  • Manager
  • Teacher
  • Tutor
  • Advisor
  • Handler
  • Guide
  • Mentor
  • Instructor
  • Shoes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Basketball shoes

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce 'Trainer'

When you are learning the spelling of words, it is helpful to learn their pronunciations. Even if the pronunciation differs from the spelling, people are often able to sound words out when they know how to say them.

So, here is a pronunciation you can reference.

  • Use this phonetic spelling to pronounce 'trainer':


When and How to Use 'Trainer'

Now that you know how to spell 'trainer' here are some tips for when and how to use the term.

  • Use 'trainer' as a noun to refer to someone who trains people or animals.

For example, you could say:

I am going to hire a personal trainer to help me get in shape before summer.

  • Use 'trainer' as a noun for equipment used to train people physically.

As an example, you might say:

Next time we go to the gym, I am using the good elliptical trainer. The one I used today makes that weird clicking sound the entire time. 

  • Use 'trainer' for someone employed by a sports team who treats players when they have minor injuries.

So, I might say:

The team's trainer treated the athlete but was unsuccessful. So, he had to be seen by a doctor. 

  • Use 'trainers' as a synonym for sneakers when you are addressing a British audience.

As an example, you might say:

I need to stop by the athletic store to get a pair of trainers for my daughter in her favourite colour, pink. 

*Notice in the example above favourite and colour are spelled according to U.K. style English. If your customer wants you to use English, they should indicate it in their style guide. However, if you are writing a personal blog or book, you need to consider your audience.

Sample Sentences Using 'Trainer'

You probably have a good understanding of how to use 'trainer' in a sentence. However, reading the sample sentences below will help you remember the correct spelling. So, read the sample sentences below before you go.


  • The personal trainer gave in-person lessons and made YouTube videos on a variety of fitness topics.
  • The fitness trainer created an anonymous blog to share his weight loss story and offer support to others.
  • The writer wrote a case study that included opinions from over 20 personal trainers on how the company's products helped their clients lose weight.
  • The Olympic trainer wrote an ebook about her experiences training world-class athletes.
  • We are going to hire a trainer to teach our dog obedience. We love her so much, but she does not listen.
  • Our trainer had weird techniques, but they worked. We just started bringing our dog to him, and he has already taught her not to jump on people or beg for food.
  • Last month, I bought a new pair of trainers, and I have been running so much, I feel like they are already getting worn out.
  • The writer received an offer to write product descriptions from a line of trainers from a popular athletic company.
  • If you want to be an animal trainer, you will need a book of references and examples of the work you have done with different animals.
  • One of my best friends from high school was Clark Shao, a successful personal trainer who had millions of subscribers on his fitness channel.
  • Clark was a dedicated trainer who helped his clients lose weight, live happier lives, and gain the confidence they needed to succeed personally and professionally.

The Last Word on Whether 'Trainor' or 'Trainer' is the Correct Spelling

We covered a ton of information in this post. So, here is a quick review of what you learned about whether 'trainor' or 'trainer' is the correct spelling. 

  • 'Trainor' is a common misspelling of 'trainer.'
  • 'Trainer' is the correct spelling for the noun, meaning a person who trains animals or people, fitness equipment, or sneakers.

Whether you are a professional freelance writer or an aspiring novelist, knowing how to use words correctly is critical if you want to have a successful writing career. You can use this site as a resource to verify the meanings and spellings of words like 'trainer' or 'weird.'

You can also find beneficial blog posts to help you accelerate your writing career, land high-paying writing jobs, and improve your grammar and writing skills. So, read a few more posts before you leave and come back often to stay up-to-date on the latest industry changes and best practices.

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Written By:
Shaun Connell
Shaun Connell has spent his entire career either working as a freelance writer or hiring freelance writers for his many successful publications. Shaun has learned the exact tricks of the trade to hire the perfect writer for almost any niche.

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