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‘Neice’ or ‘Niece’: How to Spell it Correctly?

Shaun Connell
April 4, 2024

Do you need to know whether 'neice' or 'niece' is the correct spelling? This guide will help.

Here is the short version in case you need a quick answer:

  • 'Neice' is a spelling error you should always avoid unless it is a proper name.
  • 'Niece' is the correct spelling for the female child of your brother or sister.

Often, when you have a tough time remembering how to spell a word like this, it is best to learn more about the word so, if you can, stick around.

Is 'Neice' or 'Niece' the Correct Spelling?

The correct spelling of the word that describes the daughter of your brother or sister is 'niece.' The term follows the rule English rule that you put i before e, except after or when ei creates an sound.

Examples of other words that follow the rule include:

  • Piece
  • Believe
  • Chief
  • Achieve
  • Friend
  • Fiend
  • Review


  • Receive
  • Perceive
  • Receipt


  • Sleigh
  • Neighbor

In these words, ei sounds like or ay. 

However, there are exceptions to the rule, including instances when e does not come before i after c, for example:

  • Science
  • Species
  • Glacier

There are also times when comes before i when they do not follow a c, for example:

  • Feisty
  • Neither

Notice that the ei makes an sound in the above words.

Writing Tips: When to Use 'Neice' or 'Niece'

You learned that the correct spelling is 'niece.' However, there is one time when you might need to use the 'neice' spelling. So, take a look at these writing tips.

  • Only use 'Neice' if you are addressing someone with the 'Neice' or 'McNeice' surname.

For example, I might say:

Good morning, Mr. Neice. Welcome to our resort. We are happy to have you here. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to make your vacation more enjoyable.

  • Use 'niece' when you are referring to the daughter of you or someone else's brother or sister.

As an example, you might hear someone say:

I can't wait to spend the week with my niece. My sister moved out of state two years ago, and I have only seen her and my niece one time since they relocated. 

Definition of 'Niece': What Does 'Niece' Mean?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the 'niece' is a noun defined as:

  • The daughter of one's sister, brother, sister-in-law, or brother-in-law

Synonyms and Similar Words to 'Niece'

Due to the specificity of this word, there are no synonyms or words you can use interchangeably with 'niece.' However, there are similar words that describe familial relationships like:

  • Nephew
  • Aunt
  • Uncle
  • Cousin
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Grandmother
  • Grandfather
  • Sister
  • Brother
  • Sister-in-law
  • Brother-in-law
  • Mother-in-law
  • Father-in-law
  • Stepsister
  • Stepbrother
  • Stepmother
  • Stepfather

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce 'Niece'

When it comes to remembering how to spell 'niece,' the pronunciation only confuses matters. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to learn the proper pronunciation. Knowing the correct way to say the word will give you confidence when you are speaking to your colleagues or giving a speech.

So, here is a quick pronunciation guide you can reference:

  • Use this phonetic spelling to pronounce 'niece':


  • Use this phonetic spelling to pronounce the proper name, 'Neice':


As you can see, no matter the spelling, the ei have a long or ee sound. Therefore, 'niece' is a word that you must commit to memory. Because if you sound it out, you will likely spell it 'nice' or 'neese.'

Sample Sentences Using 'Niece'

To ensure that you remember the correct spelling, read these sample sentences. Then, practice writing a few of your own.


  • My niece is the sweetest little girl. She is always polite and mindful of others.
  • I feel so bad about the trip we took with my niece during the summer. My sister and I brought her with us to see our ninety-three-year-old grandmother, and she kept calling my niece someone else's name.
  • If you want to buy your niece clothes before she starts high school, you better take her shopping with you because she is extremely picky.
  • If you want to build stronger family ties, try playing a more active role in your niece's and nephew's lives.
  • There are plenty of people who never spend time with their nieces or nephews. However, they are missing out on an opportunity to mentor the next generation of their family.
  • Are you interested in bringing your niece to my daughter's birthday party this weekend? It's up to you, but I think she would have a wonderful time.
  • When you were proofreading your niece's sloppy school essays, did you ever imagine she would write a best-selling book?


  • I hope Mr. Neice isn't my teacher. He seems to think I am a troublemaker because of the people I associated with last year.
  • Mrs. Neice, it is so nice to see you back. How did you and your class enjoy your journeys to Asia and Africa?

Final Thoughts: What is the Correct Spelling of 'Neice' or 'Niece?'

After covering this much information, it is a good idea to do a final review.

So, here is a quick recap of whether 'neice' or 'niece' is the correct spelling: 

  • 'Neice' is a misspelling, unless it is a proper name or surname. 
  • 'Niece' is the correct spelling of the noun defined as the daughter of one's sister, sister-in-law, brother, or brother-in-law. 
  • When spelling 'niece,' remember the saying, 'I before e, except after c.' 

Even after learning the correct spelling, it can be challenging to remember. So, if you find yourself questioning how to spell this word each time you use it, bookmark this page so you can quickly verify the correct answer in the future.

And if you want to improve your writing and grammar skills, you should also check out some of the other writers' guides here. They are also an excellent way to learn how to market yourself to new writing clients and a great resource for staying current on industry changes and best practices.

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Shaun Connell
Shaun Connell has spent his entire career either working as a freelance writer or hiring freelance writers for his many successful publications. Shaun has learned the exact tricks of the trade to hire the perfect writer for almost any niche.

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