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‘Anyone Has’ or ‘Anyone Have’: What’s the Difference?

Shaun Connell
January 30, 2024

Do you want to know the difference between 'anyone has' or 'anyone have?' If so, I can help.

Here is the short story, in case you are in a rush: 

  • 'Anyone has' is used when you are making a statement. 
  • 'Anyone have' is used when the phrase follows does. 

However, there is more to learn about these two phrases. So, keep reading!

What's the Difference Between 'Anyone Has' and 'Anyone Have?'

'Anyone has' and 'anyone have' are both grammatically correct terms. However, anyone is a third-person singular pronoun, so you always use it with has unless the term follows does. 

You can also use 'anyone have' if the reader would presume that the phrase follows does. We will cover this in greater depth a little later.

Definition of 'Anyone Has': What Does 'Anyone Has' Mean?

We are going to look at the definitions of anyone and has to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of this phrase.

Definition of 'Anyone'

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary lists 'anyone' as a pronoun defined as:

  • Any person at all

Definition of 'Has'

The same resource defines 'has' as:

  • The present-tense third-person singular form of have

Definition of 'Anyone Have': What Does 'Anyone Have' Mean?

We already know the definition of anyoneso now we will look at the definition of have.

Definition of 'Have'

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of 'have' is a verb defined as:

  • To have or hold as a privilege, entitlement, or possession
  • To hold at one's disposal, use, service, or regard
  • To contain, hold, or include in part or whole
  • To have an obligation - usually used with to
  • To stand in relationship to
  • To obtain or acquire possession of
  • Accept
  • Receive
  • To be characterized by or marked with a quality, attribute, or faculty
  • To exhibit or show
  • To use or exercise
  • To experience by submitting to, suffering, or undergoing
  • To enter into the mind
  • To allow
  • To be competent in something
  • To be held in a position of certain defeat or of disadvantage
  • Bear or give birth to
  • To partake in or of
  • To suborn or bribe
  • Used with a past participle to form the past perfect, present perfect, or future perfect

'Anyone' can also be a noun defined as:

  • One that is well-endowed in material wealth

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce 'Anyone Has' or 'Anyone Have'

Whether you are writing a speech or an ebook, knowing how to pronounce the terms you use is important. So, if you plan on using either of these terms, you should know their proper pronunciation.

Here is a pronunciation guide you can reference:

  • Use this phonetic spelling to pronounce 'anyone has':

e-nē()-wun haz

  • Use this phonetic spelling to pronounce 'anyone have':

e-nē()-wun hav

How and When to Use 'Anyone Has' or 'Anyone Have'

Here are some tips for using each of these terms.

  • Use 'anyone has' to make a statement.

For example, you could say:

If anyone has information about the crime that occurred on the 31st of December, they are asked to contact the local crime tip line. 

  • Use 'anyone have' to ask a question starting with does.

As an example, you can say:

Does anyone have information about the crime that occurred on the 21st of September? If so, please call the local police tip line. 

  • Use 'anyone have' when it is presumed that a statement starts with does. 

So, you could write:

Anyone have a pen I can use? 

Statements like the one above are often used. However, without does the question is not grammatically correct. Nevertheless, as a creative writer, you may use incorrect grammar at times for a character.

TIP! You may also use an imperfect sentence, statement, or question if you are writing non-fiction and quoting someone.

Sample Sentences Using 'Anyone Has' or 'Anyone Have'

Now, read through these sample sentences using each of these phrases. Reading them should help you remember when to use 'anyone has' or 'anyone have.'

Anyone Has

  • Do you know if anyone has seen the girl since she went missing after her high school graduation?
  • If anyone has information about high-paying writing jobs, please contact me.
  • Anyone has the right to express their opinion, but we ask that people are respectful of this developing situation.
  • We want to interview people who know of the event. If anyone has information, please contact us to set up an interview time.
  • If anyone has a #2 pencil, can I use it? I need one to complete the test.
  • Anyone has the ability to write and self-publish an ebook for Amazon.
  • If anyone has experience working with a book publisher of a low-content book, please share.

Anyone Have

  • Does anyone have a desire to learn about writing greeting cards?
  • Anyone have a desire to learn how to write essays and research papers?
  • Does anyone have the experience necessary to edit a short story?
  • Does anyone have ninety dollars I can borrow? I need to pay my phone bill and I do not get paid until next Friday.
  • Good morning, does anyone have information about submitting motivational quotes for consideration?
  • Does anyone have experience promoting or managing a new small business? If so, please email me an account of your personal experience in this area.

Final Look: The Difference Between 'Anyone Has' or 'Anyone Have'

Finally, let's take a last look at the difference between 'anyone has' or 'anyone have':

  • 'Anyone has' is grammatically correct when used in statements. 
  • 'Anyone have' is correct when used with does in a question. 

Even experienced writers have questions about the correct phrase to use from time to time. So, if you ever get stuck on which phrase to use, you can always return to this page for a quick review of this guide.

You can also learn about many other English terms that writers frequently misuse, as well as articles on obtaining high-paying writing jobs, writing prompts, self-promoting, and many other industry-related topics.

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Written By:
Shaun Connell
Shaun Connell has spent his entire career either working as a freelance writer or hiring freelance writers for his many successful publications. Shaun has learned the exact tricks of the trade to hire the perfect writer for almost any niche.

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